Folding basses are available for rent to US customers.  Take them anywhere in the world, return them when you get home.

Rent a great playing upright bass, set up the way you like.  It’s shipped to you anywhere in the continuous United States, and when you’re done with it, you just drop it off at any FedEx shipping center.

There are many advantages to renting.  Pay only for those times when you need a travel bass.  No need to pick up and drop off, bass is delivered to any US address of your choice.  Bass can fly, or travel easily in the trunk of most cars.   And the entire rental fee will apply to purchase, if you decide to buy a new or used folding bass from me within 12 months.


  • Daily: $80
  • Weekly: $200
  • Monthly: $600

Deposit: $1000 fully refundable

Shipping to/from any US address: $75 each direction

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